Thursday, 6 November 2008


Finally I've decided to start this blog,I'm treating it more like a diary trying not to be too serious.
My work is mainly wire work crochet,incorporating vintage and new materials.Also
I will also be experimenting with coiled wire and vintage beads following the style of Eni Onken.
When i have found out how too post photo's on here i will.
My sister (Marie) wanted too know where the picture in my daughters bedroom had come from she totally didn't believe i had made it ,combination of knitted wire beads and paint ,I'll post a photo of that also.too see what you all think.
Not enough hours in the day,my organizational skills are 0.


sandra said...

hello paula,
as you will remember ive seen your work first hand and i think its absolutely beautiful, welcome to blog land hope you find it a useful source of inspiration and make many new friends,
sandra xxx

sandra said...

me again lol i have a little surprise for you on my blog, sandra xxx

The Wirework Artist said...

Thank you for your comment sandra,it's a real confidence booster.